Perth's Best Photo, Video & Model Community

Perth Photo Walk is all about building an awesome community and network of photographers, videographers and models in Perth. Every Sunday at Sunset we will meet at a different location around Perth and practice our skills. This is a great chance to network with others, learn new skills, find amazing places and maximise your exposure on Instagram.

About Us

Perth Photo Walk started in December 2019 by Taaj Malde. Taaj lived in Melbourne and used to attend Photo Walks regularly over there, “Meeting people and learning new skills every week really inspired me to grow as a photographer”. Taaj wanted to create something that brought the community together here in Perth and thats when Perth Photo Walk was born! 

It was so great to see people to passionate about the Photo Walk and thats when Julieana, Jenna, Khengy and Hope became part of the team. 

We are super happy at the community that has been created. Our goal is to keep on creating events so that everyone can come together, be inspired, learn and have opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.